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Paradise and penguins

From George

” We are having a great time sailing around the bay of islands. Spent yesterday in Paradise Bay which lives up to it’s name, beautiful sandy beach, trees climbing up the hillsides. It’s been very hot and sunny. We have seen some little blue penguins (probably eudyptila minor), they are really cute.

Love to all. George”

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Divide and conquer?

Two teams of explorers now, George and Jacqui at sea and Ben and Sue have joined Val in the camper-van.

Team Val have now met up with Andrew and are heading towards Christchurch (Team George are heading wherever the wind blows). It’s shorts and T-shirts weather.


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Out and about‏…

From Val

“We’ve been getting lost round town again, but at last found the supermarket and stocked up on supplies. This afternoon found the beautiful park and Winter Gardens, big greenhouse full of exotic plants, fountains, pool and cool fern walk. It’s warm, cloudy but when the sun shines it’s very warm, there is a stiff breeze at times and the evening cool. All the guys are in shorts and T shirts, caps & sunglasses.

We are heading for the Coromandel tomorrow and the hot water beach. Here you dig a hole in the volcanic sand and sit in it, then the tide comes in over the hot rocks below, your hole fills up with warm water and you have your own sauna.
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From Val

“Well this is amazing, we are here. Thought I’d give yout an account the trip so you’ve an idea of what to expect.

Two long nights of playing sardines!
I was in the middle between George & Jacquie. It made me feel like Sue did on the way to Scotland with the dogs. One hot n furry one side and one curled up under a blanket the other, both squishing me as I tried to do my crotchet!
Once we were under way they gave us a nice evening meal and big glasses of wine if you wanted. I’d already had whiskey samples in duty free! There was a bit of queue for loo at predictable times, but if you wander around and try at the back it was OK. I got good at clambering over sleeping people. We had light blankets & pillows. The leg room wasn’t too bad, you just try to relax in as comfy position as you can. I did try & crochet it took a few doings and undoings to get that pattern. But as the lights were very low I didn’t want to disturb people with the little spot light.
The night did seem long, they were good about bringing water, tea etc. I listened to hours of Chilled House.
At last the lights came on, fruit juice & breakfast very good. Nothing to see outside, but the screen map gave info & at take off & landing it showed view from under plane camera.
We only had 90 mins at Hong Kong & there was a lot of walking to get to the transfer, & we had another security check to queue for.
I sent half a text from Dad’s phone cos his are free. Then we were aboard the next plane. This time I got an isle seat. There seemed more leg room on this plane. Again a nice evening meal and wine and lights low for what felt like an even longer night. I think I slept more this time.
We had an entry to New Zealand form to fill in – Couple of things to note, on arrival they issue a 6 month visa, if all is OK so where it asks you put I am applying for a visa.
I declared food stuff & outdoor equipment – teabags & walking boots I was wearing. They were not bothered by teabags but I did have to paddle in stuff to ensure no soil or seeds from my boots would be let loose!
Yes it was long and I felt very phased. But now with cups of tea & beautiful sunny warm afternoon all is good.
The camper looks fine and we did a tour round Auckland, (cause George & Jaqui got lost!!) So we know it drives OK.
We are out for a meal with Francis and Mark later, then I think it will be an early night.
Lots of love Val”
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Back home!

Tracker packed up in Ireland, so sorry no reports on the way home. I’ve left the boat in Plymouth and put it up for sale. I’m home safe now and going to Plymouth next week to clear off all the gear.

Thank you for all your support!


Posted by: georgejepps | June 19, 2014

Moving in the manner of a locomotive.

Moving in the manner of a locomotive.

Typical, half way to Greenland and I realised I’ve left the gas on.

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The house here is great. It rained a lot in the night and heavy showers through today. Tomorrow we plan to  do the golden circle. Its about 125miles to see where the American plate is moving away from the European plate  at one and a half centimetres a year. Also a geyser and a big waterfall.


We may be able to swim in a naturally heated pool in the country side. We have already paddled in so hot spring water. On fri we hope to drive to a glacier and maybe walk on it.

My 2 autohelm 2000 stopped on the way to the Faroes leaving us with one old 1000 a weaker machine to steer in calm conditions but mostly we hand steered from the Faroes to Vestmannyjear Island which is just north of Surtsey Which erupted from the sea in 1963.

Lots of Puffins with their bright beaks. On the way round from the island to here I saw 2 Great Northern Divers. 2 Hooper swans flew over the shopping mall as I returned to the boat from swimming some of it out doors air temp was 12C.

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Half way, time for a holiday.

Half way, time for a holiday.

After a brief party, back on track and on now mainland.

Posted by: georgejepps | May 30, 2014

Pod cast?

Pod cast?

Stopped at Heimaey Island for lunch. It’s very cold with no wind for 3 days. Snow on the mountain and four pods of pilot whales.

Posted by: georgejepps | May 29, 2014

Iceland ahoy?

Iceland ahoy?

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